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Our Rooftop

Our Rooftop consists of 8,000 sf, there is access from the 16F and also seperate access.  We have water, single phase and 3 phase power on the rooftop.



We have a variety of options to cover the rooftop, and can partially or completely cover the space. There are options of frame marquees or free standing open sided stretch tents


Our Roof Top Events

We have hosted numerous events on our rooftop and the space really does offer unparalelled flexibility.  Whether the space is covered or not, a unique outdoor experience is achieved. Some of the events we have hosted in the past on our rooftop:

  • Farmers Market

  • Live Music/Bands

  • Wedding Dinners

  • Charity Auctions

  • Outdoor Cinemas

  • Disco/Raves

  • Boxing Matches

  • Carnivals

  • Largescale Team Building Events