DRY AGED Snake River Farms MS 4-5 Bone in Rib - For Custom Dry Ageing

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$843/KG (Price per kilogram is not exact, as exact weight of order varies slightly)

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Dry Aged Snake River Farms Wagyu MS4-5 Bone In Ribeye – 9.5kg – Pre-aged weight. We can age a maximum of 15 pieces per month

  1. Upon purchasing this Prime Rib in the remarks section at check out let us know what you want to do once it has been aged. (A) Cut into 1.2 kg chops (B) Trim and leave as a whole piece (C)Arrange a private dinner with the beef
  2. We will prepare it, tag it with your name and contact number with the pre-aged weight on the tag
  3. We will turn  the beef in the dry ageing cabinet twice daily and check that it is ageing properly
  4. Your piece of beef will be ready in between 21-30 days and we will either deliver it to you or you can use it for a dinner. Which you need to pre-book. The menu is an additional $1,100 per person, we can send you the menu if interested
  5. Email us on factoryeventshk@gmail.com to enquire about a private dinner, you can find out more about our private Dry Aged Beef dinner menu HERE
  6. Please note the original weight of 9.5kg will reduce to approximately 8kg after  dry ageing and trimming



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