Kris's Crack Pie

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Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi is the reason why I started baking. I was fascinated by how she put her ideas into simple homemade desserts and inspired me to always have FUN while you are baking. So I started Daddy’s Pies in 2020, and Daddy’s Pies is all about sharing the moment with your friends and family through a simple dessert, and make you feel at home!
“What are you waiting for? DIG IN”


The Crack Pie tops a delicious oatmeal crust with pure joy (a filling of butter, sugar, egg yolk, and cream) . Every mouthful promises to be gooey, sweet and crunchy. The Crack Pie is the highlight of any afternoon tea or digestif, for sharing among people you love or for me-time indulgence .

To ensure tip-top scrumptiousness, remove it from the freezer and place into your fridge for at least for an hour. Bedazzle the top with some icing sugar from our pack and, finally, dig in.

Brew your cuppa and get ready for a slice of sweet heaven.

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