Slow Cooked Grass Fed Brisket 900 gram piece

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$289/KG (Price per kilogram is not exact, as exact weight of order varies slightly)

Slow Cooked Grass Fed Brisket 900 gram piece

Cooked Grass Fed Brisket in a Smokey BBQ Rub 800-900 gram – raw weight. We have cooked the brisket at 63 degrees in a sous vide water bath for 48 hours.

Reheat these bad boys on your BBQ or in your hot oven for around 30 – 40 min to warm through and colour, then tell everyone you have home smoked them yourself! The meat will be soft and juicy serve with the barbecue sauce from the cook bag and coleslaw and imagine you are in Texas

ARGYLE BLACK BEEF IS GUARANTEED TO BE TENDER, JUICY AND OF THE HIGHEST EATING QUALITY.  Please note, the weight of these packs can be irregular, the order you receive should be within +/- 10% of the advertised weight. If it is over 10% please contact us

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